Assistive Technology Guides

Choosing a Shower Chair

30% of the UK population live with one or more long-term health conditions. For people living with disabilities, showering is no small task. If you’re living with a health condition or disability, using a shower chair and commode could help you remain dignified and independent throughout your personal hygiene routine.

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Choosing A Commode Chair

Your home should be an environment that adapts to the people who occupy it, not the other way around. However, often we see people struggling with the current facilities in their home when they have not been modified. To overcome this barrier, it is essential to equip the home with adaptations that give the person a sense of autonomy. The most common piece of equipment which is easily facilitated into the home is a commode chair.

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Choosing A Stand Assist Raiser

Standing and raising aids are used by caregivers to transfer users between two seated positions, for example, from sitting in a living room chair to a shower chair or commode.  A stand and raise aid is specifically designed to support only the upper body of the user and to re engage the leg muscles when standing. This requires the user to have the ability to bear some weight. As caregivers perform sit and stand transfers several times a day, it is an essential piece of equipment to relieve the stresses of weight bearing on carers and enables them to provide safe and comfortable transfers for the user.

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