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ortech Healthcare have developed an idea for an advanced shower chair & commode. The idea was special from the start, as it came from an in-house engineer, who also happened to be disabled. They were conscious of the burden placed upon others, especially his Mum. Lifting and caring for her son was causing severe lower back pain
Researching physiologically correct sequences of movements the human body goes through to stand, he arrived at a positional seating change that mimics these actions as closely as possible.

Unfortunately he passed away before his creation become a commercial reality, but it is now available under the brand name Komodo, offering a wide range of positional movements to assist in maintaining dignity during showering and toileting. Cortech Healthcare are committed to reducing the costs of assistive technology’s use in the home and care settings, making independent living with dignity a reality for many frail elderly and disabled people.

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Cortech healthcare

Our core technology.

The core technology of the product offering is a simplified drive mechanism, using a linear motor drive to move a CAM. The use of linear actuators gives a high operating force which not only can be controlled accurately but can also give feedback of its efforts against a known scale.

Multi-use of that mechanism gives an almost infinite range of movement in three axes which is wholly unique and, as all of which are powered, this enables those mechanisms to be conjoined so as to assist one another or extend that effort along either an axial or linear direction – something no other product currently offers.

As an example of the physical benefit this can provide, the system can be used to help a patient on and off a toilet in a way specifically customised to their physical characteristics or movement needs, mimicking human movement to re-engage appropriate muscles.

One of the things we've focused on when designing the Komodo is helping the user preserve as much dignity as possible.
Les Linsday
Cortech Healthcare
Cortech healthcare

Together with technology.

Cortech Healthcare is working independently, as well as with partner companies, to apply its patented mechanical and software systems to current and new products, advancing them to market leading standard.

We are committed to working collaboratively to investigate how products and patent protected systems can add value to companies’ product portfolios and their bottom line.

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